Pre-Active Kft. felszámolás, gazdasági tanácsadás

Welcome to our website!

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Our company plays a determining role in the the field of insolvency procedures in Budapest and we are also a significant actor in the rest of Hungary. Our main scope of activity include bankruptcy management, windup and liquidation procedures, transacting asset management procedures and related professional consultancy.

In our work we put great emphasis on meeting the high expectations of participating creditors, our partners and supervisory bodies. Our goal is to provide professional grounds for companies in difficult financial positions to be reorganized and stabilized by keeping the most optimal jobs and retaining the whole or a part of the business without hurting the interests of the creditors, or in the absence of such options we help them to minimize their losses by capitalizing their assets.

We sincerely hope that we have raised your attention and you will choose to make use of our services to avoid the inconvenience of insolvency or to assist your partner with our professional help in such situations to validate your claims most effectively.

The Pre-Active team